UVic Co-op: Getting the Job Done Right

John Ebbels
UVic Co-op Student

This week CGA tips our co-op hat to the University of Victoria and its truly incredible co-op track record.

Twenty-five years ago UVic’s emerging programs served as the Canadian forerunner in co-operative education. Today, students from 47 academic programs complete more than 2,700 co-op work terms each year with employers all across Canada and around the world. The majority of these placements are for the undergraduate academic programs with mandatory co-op requirements including commerce, engineering and software engineering. Mandatory co-op requirements are also in place for several Masters level programs. Co-operative education is a pillar of UVic’s academic strategy and it’s no surprise that UVic’s expertise and their programs’ reputation serve as major draws, attracting students from all corners of the globe. One can well imagine the amazing benefits of a world where all post-secondary education has a mandatory co-op requirement.

The following is a quote received from UVic co-op student John Ebbels reflecting on his co-op experiences. A job very well done, UVic!


Every student walks away from a work term with a multitude of skills and learned material that cannot be overestimated. Over my three work terms I have taken away a lot in the form of skills and traits that have helped me in various situations over the years. I have progressed personally and professionally throughout my co-op experiences. Finishing these work terms off with an investment firm serving emerging companies was a wonderful, positive and exciting way to end….

My time with this investment firm was an amazing and invaluable opportunity. The job taught me a lot about the career path I want to take and illustrated that hard work and dedication are the way to get there. Having working for a finance company will also help me in my final year of studying since I am taking courses that directly correlate with the skills I learned during my work term. The skills I learned at my job were tremendous as well and are tools to carry with me throughout my career. My coworkers were encouraging and offered assistance whenever I required it. I am now better off in school, better off finding a job, but most of all, I am a better person…..

It is jobs like this that make a student thankful for being in a school with such an active co-op program, and mine has helped further my desire to work in the finance industry. I now have a network of contacts and a list of recommendations for future opportunities. I was able to draw on topics and teachings from classes learned in school (Operations Management, Finance, and Accounting specifically), and I was also able to develop skills that one cannot learn in a classroom. I would ultimately like to obtain a professional designation and work for a company as supportive as those I had the chance to work with through my UVic co-op placements.

John Ebbels
Uvic Co-op Student

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